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Sci-fi/Fantasy Adventure Author

Kevin Treaccar is the author of the sci-fi spy thriller No Gods In My Galaxy and masked vigilante short story The Citizen. He writes science fiction/fantasy adventure thrillers featuring superheroes, spies and outer space adventurers in the fight against evil.

Kevin attended the University of Texas at Austin as well as the Creative Circus in Atlanta. Today, he lives in Dallas with his wife and yellow lab, Flash, and works as a copywriter.

When he’s not writing fiction or writing for work, Kevin avidly follows his Texas Rangers, Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys. With a past in the sport, he swims for exercise. He often enjoys movie nights with his wife. And he plays a lot of fetch with Flash.



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Author Facts

Favorite Characters: James Bond, Batman, Superman
Favorite Novels: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Thunderball, Robinson Crusoe
Favorite Movies: Accepted, The Girl Next Door, Finding Forrester, Tin Cup
Favorite TV Shows: Chuck, Arrow (because of Season 2), The Flash
Favorite Sports Teams: Texas Rangers, Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Food: Tex-Mex, Italian, Seafood
Favorite Number: 3


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Photography by Robbie Aleman.