the citizen

a masked vigilante Short Story

The Story

A masked vigilante fights to protect his city, hoping the city will stand up for itself in time to save him.

When Shadow City, a city lost to the crooked and led by the corrupt, finds itself engulfed by a massive riot, one man leads the stand for the innocent.

For two years, a masked vigilante known as the Citizen has fought to take Shadow City back. The city’s population believes in his mission and fully supports his actions - all to the vigilante’s dismay. What started as an escape from pain has turned into a prison of responsibility. Responsibility borne solely by the hero.

On the day of the riot, Shadow City learns the true power of one person, as well as the difference between standing behind a hero and standing with him.



“a fast paced thriller in short story form.”

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The sun slowly tucked itself behind the towering mountains to the west of Shadow City. The archaic and powerful skyscrapers stretched for the heavens, topped only by the gray clouds that cloaked the sky, hiding every star including the sun. A thin slate of water topped the cement from the rain that had just lightened to a drizzle. The air smelled of fresh rain. There were no sounds. Even the helicopter that flew above was silent. The city had frozen, focused on the heroic man.

The masked man positioned himself between the crowd of civilians and the three-dozen henchmen. He stood ready to fight – to protect. His bruised, torn, bloody body ignored the vast amount of pain raging inside it. Soaked by rain and sweat and full of adrenaline and fear, his muscles swelled through the tattered blue and black marine gear. The black domino mask on his face failed to hide all of the bruises.


The Citizen turned to the crowd behind him and demanded they back up. He refaced the thugs armed with baseball bats, chaines, and knives. He bellowed at them, “It all ends here!”

They laughed.

Suddenly, the Citizen charged into the gang of men.